How to choose your new front door

Royal Windows & Doors, Ontario, Whitby

When the cooler days of autumn arrive, many homeowners turn to sprucing up the house prior to Christmas, and buying a new front door entry system is a common fall improvement project.

The demand for new door systems peaks in the autumn months at Royal Windows and Doors in Whitby, where customers have the peace of mind of knowing the company has been serving satisfied homeowners in Durham Region for close to 20 years.

“We pride ourselves on excellent, personalized customer service and quality, Canadian-made products that are crafted for our climate,” says company owner Melanie Hodgson.

Most homeowners today will choose either steel or fiberglass entry door systems, which are more durable than wood. Fiberglass can be stained to look like wood, in a variety of finishes, or the customer can choose from a wide selection of colours.

Fiberglass doors are fibrous, so storm doors can’t be paired with them or the sun through the storm doors will heat up the fiberglass door panels, cautions Mrs. Hodgson. While anyone who wants a storm door will need to choose a steel entry door, she says it’s never a good idea to add a storm door to any entry door.

Steel doors offer high durability and some styles in steel are popular, including three squares of glass going up the whole height of the door, which Mrs. Hodgson says is modern looking and a top choice of customers.

All doors are sold with a painted vinyl clad exterior, so there is no maintenance, and the door will never need painting. Mrs. Hodgson says they’re very durable and look nicer than doors with aluminum capping.

Some styles of doors are not available in steel while others may not be available in fiberglass, so many people choose what style appeals to them most and the material of the door is secondary, she adds.

Royal Windows and Doors carries KV custom door systems, which offers the customer a wide range of glass insert styles and designs, ranging from modern to traditional, with various levels of privacy. Choosing glass panels can add light to a darker entranceway.

Customers can start by browsing the website at Royal Windows and Doors, and dropping by the showroom at 1380 Hopkins St. in Whitby to view brochures and some door systems on display. Mrs. Hodgson is skilled and knowledgeable in offering advice when it comes to selecting the right colours and styles from the many options available when choosing a new front door, which adds to curb appeal.

Doors are painted at the KV factory, and it takes eight to 10 weeks to order the door, have it customized and installed. Professional and experienced installation crews from Royal Windows and Doors will ensure the new door is hung properly and level, which often means shimming as most walls aren’t straight. With every door replacement, the entire frame is removed, and the new entry door is installed with a new frame, sill and weatherstripping.

The customer can choose a new lockset system from Dorex, a quality brand available in a variety of finishes, or use their existing lockset. The hardware is installed on the new door by Royal Windows and Doors.

Currently, dark browns and black are trendy colours for the front door, and the “antique brown” shade is very popular with Royal Windows and Doors customers.

Call Royal Windows and Doors at 905-720-1818, or 905-427-1877. Visit the showroom at 1380 Hopkins Street, Whitby.

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